Who we are

Impresuper S.L. is a company dedicated to decorating all kinds of objects of any shape and material through screen printing and hot stamping. Since its inception in 1962 until today, we have developed a series of procedures to meet the requirements of our clients based on a proven quality and service satisfaction that supports us, to continue to put their trust in us.

Our clients are part of a wide range of sectors, the most important of which are the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics and perfumery, the home and personal care sector and the food industry.

The technical capacity and organization of our team allow us to undertake, with guaranteed success, the vast majority of projects that we take under consideration and study. In more than fifty years, many of our proprietary processes were and are still expressly developed as solutions to individual challenges

We have been awarded the National Prize for printing on three-dimensional objects – Gold series Graphispag – and as well at the international level with the FESPA award, also in the gold category.