Our facilities are located in a privileged location in the industrial belt of Barcelona and we have over 3,500 m2 distributed as follows:

Production plants

Large series:

It is a production plant equipped with latest generation technology in automatic screen printing machinery with modular units from one to four printing heads, allowing us to decorate in onetime operations in most cases. This results in precise color registration with the concomitant minimum average loss attributed to our process.

This plant is pressurized for maintaining a clean environment.

Small series:

We also have a section equipped with both semi-automatic screen printing and hot stamping machinery that we use for producing smaller series, mostly dedicated to decorating products for the high-end cosmetics industry.

This is a clean room currently awaiting approval.

Collection and packaging area

Our collection and packaging plant is separate from the rest of the areas in which production and storage activities are carried out. Here is where we prepare the packaging of the final product according to the preset quality agreements and the labeling requirements of our clients. This enables us to guarantee traceability and control in order to ensure optimum service for end customers.

Ink lab

Every project is a challenge.

In all these years we have been working closely with the best ink suppliers, widely recognized worldwide in the graphic scene for the quality and reliability of their inks for all types of plastic.

Nevertheless, even the slightest alteration in our process due to a trivial change in the components of the inks from different lots, as well as in the coloring agents and the antistatic basics added to the plastic materials, common in the plastic blowing and injection processes, can cause significant disruptions in our process.

Accordingly, in our ink lab we have knowledgeable staff to take care of it.  Through the aquisistion of different series of basic colors and their respective reagents, we make our own blends  in order to achieve the top of the line finishes that our customers demand while respecting European quality control standards.

Screen printing lab

This is where we conduct all the works related to the production of the necessary items previous to the printing process such as the creation of the printing screens: The stretching, emulsification, exposure to UV and developing of the same. That is, we produce the printing screens from beginning to end in order to adequate them to our technological and productive processes thus standardizing the printing parameters of the products that we decorate. This results in uniform top-quality finishes in different production batches.


We have two warehouses in which we guarantee the stockage of raw material and final product in adequate health and safety conditions.

Tooling workshop

The experience and know-how developed over the years has led us to the conclusion that it is essential to design and implement the necessary tooling for each type of container that is to be decorated. Everything is done in-house in our tooling workshop and by doing it, we can perfectly adapt our machines to the production requirements in real time. Thus, we have built our own capacity to respond in the most effective way possible in terms of costs, reliability and rapid reaction that our customers benefit from.