Screen Printing

Our reason for being, screen printing (or serigraphy) is a technique for decorating all sorts of objects. In this process, the ink passes through a mesh stretched on a frame (printing screen) on which a stencil has been applied. The stencil openings define the image that will be imprinted. When properly done, the results are outstanding. The smooth gradients or the four-color direct (CMYK) create unique visual effects. Furthermore, the printed products have very durable graphics, resistant to most external agents.

We specialize in printing on all kinds of shapes of plastic materials. We can print on any type of container either cylindrical, oval, flat or conical, being able in most cases to print all inks at once, with the output excellence that this entails and the minimum average loss attributed to our process.

Our production site is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, with automatic machine lines from one to four printing heads, all of them equipped with UV treatment for the ink curing.

We also have specialized machinery for decorating unit dose containers with a capacity from 4 to 15 ml. and we can run any number of series with semi automatic machinery for the conduct of smaller orders with the same characteristics of quality and reliability as the automatic production lines.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a process in which an engraved image within a mold is transferred through a thin coating onto plastic or paper through a combination of heat, pressure and know-how. The image melts into the container offering high-end results. It is commonly used in the cosmetics’ industry, in which shinny and embossed logos are highlighted.
We are also able to carry out this type of decoration assuring great reliability and superb quality. We use the most suitable molds according to the project requirements, made out of either bronze or silicone. For smaller productions, we use single unit machines and for larger productions, we use index plate machines based, for a higher production rate.

Some of our clients request several colors through screen printing and one hot stamping for the final touch, so we can provide them with a whole set of techniques and machines, together with a professional and experienced human team to meet their needs.


In our prepress department we analyze the requirements that each project presents, and we guide and assist the Marketing, Design and Product Development departments of our customers in order to define all the technical parameters for guaranteeing the best results: the type of decoration, the printing area, the amount of passes required and any particularity related to the project concerned that may arise.

Productt development

Thanks to the rigorous studies that we carry out for every project and the in-depth knowledge of our process, we design and carry out innovative solutions to meet the clients’ needs, adapting, in-house, our machine park with all the necessary tools and utensils required for the proper conduct of the decoration.